Is The Man In Texas The Real Bill Anderson?


The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Chillicothe, Missouri) Aug 6, 1924
Is The Man In Texas The Real Bill Anderson?

Quantrill Lieutenant Supposed To Have Been Slain In Fight Near Richmond---Efforts Made To Clear Up Mystery

Jewell Mayes, secretary to the State board of agriculture, now is attempting to solve the mystery surrounding the identity of "Bill" Anderson of Brownwood, Texas.

The "Bill" Anderson of Texas claims to be "Bill" Anderson the famous Missouri guerilla in the Civil War, who led the "bushwhackers" in the Centralia, MO, massacre. Missouri historians and many others assert the Missouri guerilla was killed by a force of federal soldiers in Ray County before the close of the war.

Mr. Mayes has received a letter from Henry C. Fuller of Brownwood (Texas) Bulletin seeking to establish the identity of the Texas "Bill" Anderson.

I am sending you the picture of "Bill Anderson," wrote Fuller, or "Uncle Bill Anderson as he is known." He may not be the Bill Anderson who was alleged to have been killed, but if he is not, who is he? Show this picture to Mr. Cummings, or any other member of the old-time Quantrill band and see if they can identify it. He claims to have been at the Centralia massacre, and yet I am reliably informed that only one Bill Anderson was there, and he was afterward killed, as narrated by Major Cox in Ray County, Missouri.

"The Brownwood Bill Anderson said he was born in Cole CO, Missouri, and he will be 85 years old February 7, next year, and that he came to Brown County sixty years ago. One thing is certain and that is he knew Quantrill and all his lieutenants. His talk shows that. However, he does not talk much, unless drawn out by particular friends. There is a mystery somewhere, let's unravel it."

Mr. Mayes is from a pioneer family in Ray County. He knows Jim Cummings and was well acquainted with Cole Younger. As a boy, he talked with men believed to have been members of the Quantrill and Bill Anderson band of guerillas.
Writing Mr. Fuller of the facts concerning the death of "Bill" Anderson of Missouri, Mr. Mayes said:
There was a running fight near Old Albany, in the vicinity of what is now Orrick, Ray County, between the home guards of the federal forces and the southern "bushwhackers," the former being commanded by Colonel Cox and Major John Grimes, the latter supposed to have been commanded by Bill Anderson. Bill Anderson is reputed to have been killed in that fight and the body supposed to have been Anderson's buried in the old cemetery near the city limits of Richmond. I once went with Cole Younger to visit the grave, and Cole thought or took it for granted it was Bill Anderson's."

Mr. Mayes said he would be glad to receive information which may be used to establish the identity of Bill Anderson of Brownwood, Texas.





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