The Two Bill Anderson's Genealogies


There were in fact two William Andersons born within one year of each other. The differences being, the middle names or initials, locations and sets of parents and siblings. They were. . . . . . .

William T. Anderson

William Thomason* "Bloody Bill". Anderson was born in Marion County Missouri, abt. 1839.

These are the parents and siblings of William T. (*believed to be Thomason after his maternal Grandparents) Anderson.


1-William C. Anderson b. 1820, VA, d. 3 Jul 1862, Lyon, Kansas.

   + Martha Jane Thomason b. 1825, KY, d. 1860, Kansas.


2-William Thomason "Bloody Bill" Anderson b. 1839 -1840, Palmyra,

  Marion, MO, d. 27 Oct 1864, Battle Of Albany, Orrick, Ray, Missouri.

   +Bush Smith m. 1864, Sherman, Grayson, Texas.

2 -Ellis Anderson b. 1841, Palmyra, Marion, Missouri.

2 -James M. "Jim" Anderson b. 1844, Palmyra, Marion, Missouri, d. about 1869, Texas.


There are very convincing records that James M. Anderson married Mary Lucy Erwin, including a Grayson Co, marriage license, and that they were the parents of Jimmie Maude Anderson who died in Dallas TX (LDS d/c on-line). After the death of James M. Anderson (date unknown), Mary Lucy Anderson married Burrell Perry Smith, with whom she had 7 more children. Jimmie Maude Anderson was raised by a sister of Mary Lucy Irwin and her husband, who had no children of their own.


2 -Mary C. "Mollie" Anderson b. 1847, Palmyra, Marion, Missouri.


2-Josephine Anderson b. 1849, Huntsville, Randolph, Missouri, d. 13 Aug 1863,

    Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri.


2-Martha Jane (Mattie) b. Jan 1850, Randolph Co, MO; d. bef. Feb. 1926 in Murray Co, OK, married Elbridge Geary Douglass

20 Feb 1867 in Grayson Co. Five children: William M.; Ida L.; Elbridge H.; Lulu M.; & Edith Marian.

2-Charles Anderson b. 1859, Agnes, Breckenridge, Kansas.

 William Columbus Anderson

William C. Anderson was born 7 February 1840 in Cole County, Missouri.

These are the parents and siblings of William Columbus Anderson;

1-William M. Anderson, born: Abt 1803, Pendleton District, South Carolina, believed to have died: 1883, Fort

    Griffin, Texas.

  +Jane Scruggs, born: Abt 1815, South Carolina, died: 1886, Brown County, Texas.


2-John Henry Anderson, born: 16 Jul 1826, Pendleton County, South Carolina, died: 1 Jun 1909, Stone County, Missouri.

  +Elizabeth Wright, born: 31 Aug 1827, Tennessee, mar: 1848, Taney County, Missouri,

      died: 3 Jul 1880, Stone County, Missouri


2-Polly Ann Anderson, born: 1828, South Carolina, died: in Chico, Butte, CA.

    +David P Parker


2-Francis M. Anderson, born: about 1830, Georgia, believed to have died in Hays County, Texas between 1900 and 1910.   

  +Elizabeth Unknown, born: about 1830, Indiana died Hays County, Texas.


2-David Q. Anderson, born: 8 Aug 1832, South Carolina, died: 12 Dec 1885, Brown County, Texas.

   Buried at Windham Cemetery, Brown County, along with his wife Agnes (McPeters) and son William R..


2-Parsedda Anderson, born: 1835, Missouri, died: after 1900 in Riverside, CA.


2-Martha Ann Anderson, born: 1837, Moniteau County, Missouri, died 1894.


2-James Noble Anderson, born: 7 Sep 1839, Missouri, died: 27 Nov 1896, Brown County, Texas

    Buried at Staley Cemetery along with his wife Jane in unmarked graves.

2-William Columbus Anderson, born: 7 Feb 1840, Cole County, Missouri, died: 1 Nov 1927, Salt Creek, Brown, Texas

 +Martha Elizabeth Anderson, born: 20 Feb 1835, Georgia, mar: 1863, Brown County, Texas, died: 1 Oct 1916,   Salt Creek, Brown, Texas


2 - Elizabeth Anderson, born abt 1842, married Christopher Simpson 13 April 1860.





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