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As with all investigative works, it takes many people from different backgrounds to add the pieces of the puzzle. This is very true of this effort also. The intent of this site is to help prove that William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson did in fact lose his life in Missouri in 1864 and William C. "Uncle Billy" Anderson was a victim of an overly ambitious reporter, trying to draw a story out of Brown County's Bill Anderson, that was not there. William Columbus Anderson was as much a victim in this saga, as anyone. I try not to show any disrespect to him or his descendants. 

Clay Riley, Brownwood, Texas 2007.



Glynda Alston-Campbell
Fran Bolton
Carol Holmes
Gay Mathis
Chuck Rabas
Clay Riley
Moria Scarlett
Ed Walker
Judy Woehrle
and many others that offered their ideas and critique


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