Two Bill Andersons Time Line


Time Line

William C. "Uncle Billy" Anderson

William T. "Bloody Bill" Anderson


1840 Cole County, Monteau, Missouri (pg.71)

William Anderson  212001-201000

Born 7 Feb 1840 Monteau, Cole, Missouri

1840 MO Marion County, Liberty Township, Missouri (086)
William C. Anderson 10001-0001

Born:  1840 Palmyra, Marion, MO

1847 settled in Palmyra, Marion, MO, where his father was a member of the I.O.O.F.

1848 settled in Huntsville, Randolph, MO.


Washington Township, Taney, MO (303)

23 Sep 1850

W. Anderson 46 M Farmer S. Carolina

J Anderson 47 F S. Carolina

D.Q. Anderson 18 M Farmer Missouri

P Anderson 15 F Missouri

M.A. Anderson 13 F Missouri

J.N. Anderson 11 M Missouri

W.C. Anderson 9 M Missouri

E. Anderson 7 F Missouri


On April 18, 1859, W.C. Anderson patented land as recorded in the Brown County land abstract files. It is believed he came to Texas earlier with his brother David Q, Anderson and Cousin Harriet C. Anderson Clements, wife of Israel Clements. He returned to Stone County and appears on the 1860 Stone County, Missouri Census, to accompany his parents and brothers on their journey to Brown County, Texas.

1858-59 Wagon Train - David Q. Anderson, son of William M. Anderson, and Byrd, Lewis, McPeeters families and other Taney/Stone County pioneers leave for Brown County, Texas.  They are followed in 1862-1863 by the brother of Moses G. Anderson, William M. Anderson, and his three sons, Francis Marion, James Noble, and William Columbus."

1850 MO Randolph County, Salt Spring (216)

William Anderson 30 m w hatter KY
Martha 25 f w KY
William 11 m w MO
Ellis 9 m w MO
James 6 m w MO
Mary C. 5 f w MO
Josephine 2 f w MO
Martha 5m f w MO
W. Thomason 51 m w hatter KY
Mahala Thomason 48 f w VA

1850 father went to California gold fields.
1854 father was back in Huntsville, Randolph, MO.
1857 settled Lyon, Rice, KS


Pearce Township. Stone, Missouri (233)

23 July 1860

William Anderson 55 W M Farmer S.Carolina

Jane Anderson 55 W F S. Carolina

James N. Anderson 21 W M Missouri

William Anderson 20 W M Missouri

Elizabeth Simpson 18 W F Missouri


Goodspeed's "The Ozark Region" (New) History of South East Missouri, pub. 1894, states "William M. Moved to Taney County, MO ""There they remained until the war, and in 1862 he removed with three of his sons to Texas." His 4th son, David Q. had arrived before the 1860 Brown County Census.


1863 Brown County, Texas Tax List

In Henry Ford's "Cotton Calculator".

W. Anderson,

J.N. Anderson

D.Q. Anderson


5 February 1864 in Brown County

William C., and his brothers, James N., and David Q. all enlisted in the Texas State Troops (TST) 1863 and William served 20 days in February 1864.


1864 Birth of William C.'s first child;

Francis Marion Anderson, born in May, 1864.


1860 KS Breckenridge County, Agnes (503)
39/24 28 Jun
William C. Anderson 40 m w farmer $500/$500 KY
Martha J. 36 f w KY
William T. 21 m w $500/ KY
James M. 17 m w IA
Mary E. 14 f w MO
Josephine 11 f w MO
Martha J. 8 f w MO
Charles 1 m w KS

1862 Bill's father was murdered in Agnes, KS.

March 1864 Lieut. William T Anderson married Miss Bush Smith, a young lady in Sherman, TX. Per marriage license from Grayson Co TX) (uploaded a newer/clearer image Jan 08)

Died: 27 Oct 1864 Battle of Albany, Orick, Ray, MO
Shot, and killed, age 24.
Bur: Pioneer Cemetery, Richmond, Ray, MO

Jim Cummins visited his grave.

1870 1870 TX Brown County, San Saba P. O. (120)
56/56 26 Jul
William Anderson 30 m w farmer $1000/$1000 MO
Elizabeth 34 f w keeping house GA
Frances 6 f w at home TX
Moses 3 m w at home TX
Mary J. 2 f w at home TX
John 11mo m w at home TX Jul
Bloody Bill's life ended 27 October 1864, hence the record stops here.
1880 1880 TX Brown County, Justice Precinct No.1 (370)
1 Jun [Ed 23, Sh 1A]
Wm. C. Anderson w m 40 head farming MO GA GA
Martha E. w f 40 wife keeps house GA GA GA
Francis w m 16 son farming TX MO GA
Moses w m 13 son farming TX MO GA
Mary J. w f 12 dau TX MO GA
Samuel H. w m 10 son farming TX MO GA
Harriet E. w f 8 dau TX MO GA
Robt. E. w m 6 son TX MO GA
Texanna w f 4 dau TX MO GA
Stormey w m 2 son TX MO GA
Ruffy w m 1 son TX MO GA


1900 1900 TX Brown County, Justice Precinct, Brownwood (048)
159/165 15 Jun [Ed 3, Sh 10]
William Anderson head w m Feb 1840 60 M 37 MO GA SC-  Married 37 years (1863)
Martha Elizabeth wife w f Feb 1835 65 M 37 12 7 GA GA SC-  Married 37 years (1863)
Storm son w m Sep 1877 23 S TX MO GA
Patrick H. son w m Nov 1880 19 S TX MO GA
1910 1910 TX Brown County, Justice Precinct 1 (084)
184/187 8 May [Ed 96, Sh 11]
Will C. Anderson head m w 70 m1 44 MO GA SC
Elizabeth wife f w 75 m2 44 10 7 GA GA SC

William C. Anderson reported that he had been married only once; Martha Elizabeth reported she had been married twice.

1920 1920 TX Brown County, Justice Precinct 1 (062)
239/264 19 Feb
William C. Anderson head m w 80 W MO GA SC



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